Hi, Iam Francis and i am waiting for my future rescurer/ sponsor
Gender: Male My age:11 My Hobby: Football Class: Pri. Three
Kanwagi Francis was born on 14th February 2011 he is now living with his Sister and Dad after the death of their mother at birth.

Education is one of the things and learning new things is what he is always dreaming of, he told us that in the future when he grow up he would like to be a teacher but our most worry is his completion of education levels since his parent cannot afford paying for his school fees to make his dream come true he needs your support which will help provide a healthier and bright future.

When you sponsor me you’ll be helping to give me a bright future and over time, as my sponsor, you’ll be able to see and hear about how you are helping to change the world for me, you can even send me a card on my birthday which i’ll love or buy me a goat or start me a chicken project that will keep me busy during holidays and other days with my family.
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