Hi, I am Frank and i am waiting for my future rescuer/ sponsor
Gender: Male My age:8 My Hobby: Football Class: Pri. Two

Muliika Frank lives in Masaka Uganda central region
which is one of the vulnerable areas with the largest
number of HIV affected families in Uganda, Malnutrition, social unrest and illiterate are also widespread. He lives with his grand Mother who is living with HIV Aids. Frank is safe but needs your support which will help provide his family with solutions to malnutrition and giving Frank a healthier and bright future. When you sponsor me you’ll be helping to give me a bright future and over time, as my sponsor, you’ll be able to see and hear about how you are helping to change the world for me, you can even send me a card on my birthday which i’ll love or buy me a goat or start me a chicken project that will keep me busy during holidays and other days with my family.
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Donation Total: $100