Hi, I am Hairat and i am waiting for my future rescuer/ sponsor
Gender: Female My age:12 My Hobby: Dancing Class: Pri.Six
NAKAGIMU HAIRAT Precious,is 12 years Old currently in primary six, she lives with her Mum and brother, she walks 5km to her school she likes her family and good at making new friends. she is very active at School and after school on weekends she help her mum and enjoys dancing projects. Your support will help provide her families with solutions to malnutrition, giving children a healthier and bright future to her.

When you sponsor me you’ll be helping to give me a
bright future and over time, as my sponsor, you’ll be able to see and hear about how you are helping to change the world for me, you can even send me a card on my birthday which i’ll love or buy me a goat or start me a chicken project that will keep me busy during holidays
and other days with my family.
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