Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.

About Active Me & you

Active me and you (AMY) is a community-based organization dedicated to various issues aimed at providing of safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, HIV/AIDS rehabilitation, empowerment of women, youth, and orphans, hygiene and health education, and the environment in Kyotera District.

Core values

  1. Transparency,
  2. Integrity,
  3. Justice,
  4. Openness,
  5. Upright morals,
  6. Sharing,
  7. Objectivity
  8. Participation and Non discrimination


i. To promote and encourage research among members in areas of socio-economic development for effective advocacy.

ii. To liaise with local government regarding the needs and concerns of youth as a special interest sector.

iii. To perform such other duties as may be required by the members of AMY within the scope of this constitution.

iv. To develop youth empowerment programs that will promote youth livelihoods with focus in skills development

v. To support OVC acquire basic education

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Our Approach

Our Story


Active Me and you (AMY), was founded and formally registered as a non-profit in 2018; however, our story truly begins in 2016 before with the remarkable life’s work of Mr Jjuuko Ronald.

Known as “Active Me and You,” Ronald Jjuuko is the driving force that led to our organization’s development.

We are proudly supporting a number of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) with access to education and livelihood support. Together, we forged a bond that enabled us to care for youth who may have otherwise fallen between the cracks.


— Our Mission

Our mission is to empower youth in Kyotera District to competently claim their rightful space through civic awareness, research, advocacy and training in a bid for sustainable development.


— Our Vision

We are envisioning at a pro-active youth force that influences equity friendly planning, budgeting and policy formulation as a basis for sustainable development.